See What GetMoreDonations Can Do For You

You have a worthwhile cause which needs more donations. We provide those donations or your money back.

Perhaps you’re trying to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, protect the environment, fund your church’s humanitarian efforts, or save defenseless animals. You know there are people out there who care, but the donation numbers are a little low.

We’re here to help.

You might be asking what the pricing packages look like:

We Only Have One Package And It’s Unbeatable

We guarantee you a profit - we’ve made it literally impossible to lose money with us. This is because we don’t charge you unless you’ve made a profit. All of our costs come from the money we made possible - the donations that wouldn’t have existed before we worked together.
In order to maintain this unique business model, we have an application process we ask each organization to go through. We’re not going to be a good fit for everybody, and the best way to discover that is through a short phone call.
We’ll talk about your organization, its cause, its size, and its needs. At the same time - we’ll give you information about us and answer any questions you have.
If we think we can make you money, we’ll both move forward.

What You Get By Working With GetMoreDonations:

  • Tap into brand new donor pools.
  • Built-for-you campaigns designed from the ground up.
  • Experts with decades of experience.
  • Mid-campaign tweaks that focus on what’s working best.
  • Passive, monthly, recurring donations to your cause.
  • No financial impact - it’s impossible to lose money with us.
  • Become trusted with broad and sweeping brand awareness.
  • Hands off experience.
  • State of the art fundraising technology used by UNICEF, Save the Children, and more.
  • Get in front of proven repeat donors from our private lists.
  • Receive world class support from fundraising experts.
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