Get More Donations Today

Or You Don't Pay

With over $9 Million raised in just one year, We know donors. We know where they are, what they look for, and how they think. If we can’t fund your cause, you don’t pay. Guaranteed.
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Get More Donations Today Or You Don't Pay

With over $9 Million raised in just one year, we know donors. We know where they are, what they look for, and how they think. If we can’t fund your cause, you don’t pay. Guaranteed.

We Help Turn Nonprofits Dreams Into A Reality

Today, it’s easier than ever to feel like the world is doomed. We’re surrounded by war, starvation, negativity, ignorance, infighting, and dishonesty.
But then there’s you...
You’re the fighter who refuses to yield, the beacon of hope with a fire in their heart, the soldier who moves mountains to protect the weak. We recognize your efforts, and we consider you family.

Our mission is to lift the burden of cost, infrastructure, and red tape. By letting us do what we’re good at, it frees you to do what you’re good at; You transform the world into a better place for all.

Our Team Is Trusted by The Best

An Unforgettable Fundraising Experience
In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - The Strategy
Your organization is something special. Your unique positioning, beliefs, and experience all influence how we approach your goals. On our first call we’ll create a custom plan specifically tailored to the quirks of your cause.
Step 2 - The Message
Deep down every donor wants the exact same thing: They want to feel like they’re making a difference. Our creative team will develop a message that resonates with patrons while communicating exactly why their donation matters. We turn this message into content and prepare it to be displayed across the world.
Step 3 - The Collection
You sit back and watch the donations flood in. Once your content is live - we keep our eyes on the campaigns, make adjustments as needed, address any feedback, and make sure everything is going according to plan. You only pay us once you receive your donations. If there are no donations - you don’t pay. No risk, no gimmicks. It’s as simple as that.

Numbers We Are Proud Of


Donations made to our clients


Projects funded


Dollars raised


Monthly recurring donors

An Unbelievable Promise

We actually pay you to work with us.
Have you ever heard of a service that was so good that they paid you? Probably not, because nobody does that. Except us. Not a single dollar of your organization’s bank account is ever at risk, because 100% of our cost comes from donors that didn’t exist yesterday.

In effect it’s never possible to lose money. The closer you work with us the more donations you net. We make this promise because we have something that makes all the difference, data.
We know where they are, what they look for, and how they think. We know how they take their coffee and what makes them click the “donate” button. It’s through this familiarity that we’ve already raised millions of dollars for organizations just like yours.

That’s why we make a simple promise. A promise nobody else would make: By choosing to work together - we’ve made it impossible for you to lose a single penny.

More Than Just Donations

A donation is more than just money - it’s the start of a relationship with somebody who cares. These patrons believe in you, and are excited to join your family. Imagine your list of reliable donors growing month by month as they advocate on your behalf. How much of an impact could you make with an ever-growing family of donors? We offer the following services to help make this possible:
Grant Funds
$1.8 trillion dollars was awarded by the federal government in 2019 alone. How much did you receive? Our experts can handle the entire process from the initial search to the follow up.
Creative Creation
From text to images to video. Our industry experts combine creative techniques with cutting edge conversion data to make the biggest impact possible. It’s completely hands off.
Maybe you already have your own in-house team of media experts. We’d love to work with them! We can offer a proven plan while your existing team provides the legwork.
Fundraising Strategies
Your job is to change the world. Our job is to find you the means to do so. When you work with us, you’ll be leveraging decades of combined fundraising experience. You’re free to focus on how you’ll use the funds.

Successful Campaigns

My Little Nawara Can't Eat Leaves Anymore To Survive.
Raised $279,250 of $250,000 goal
9006 Supporters
If My Girls Need Food, We Will Not Find It - They Will Die
Raised $1,138,486 of $1,150,000 goal
37,271 Supporters
How could we be happy after Israel shattered our dreams in a blink of an eye?
Raised $144,063 of $100,000 goal
2,689 Supporters
Emergency Relief for Rohingya Muslims
Raised $129,234 of $125,000 goal
3,007 Supporters
Food for Rohingya Refugees
Raised $137,673 of $140,000 goal
4,205 Supporters
Emergency Relief for Rohingya Refugees
Raised $173,769 of $180,000 goal
4,841 Supporters
I try to bury that pain but it won't go away...
Raised $92,529 of $100,000 goal
1,401 Supporters
Build a Masjid And Claim Your Palace In Jannah
Raised $976,699 of $1,000,000 goal
21,262 Supporters
Build a Masjid And Claim Your Palace In Jannah
Raised $98,081 of $100,000 goal
1,130 Supporters

What Our Organizations Say About Us

  • "Before we worked with Getmoredonations, we were barely struggling to raise donations locally. 

    We had to pause our projects due to lack of funds. But all that changed once we started to work with Getmoredonations. We went from nothing in the bank to over 7 figures cash in less than a year . 

    Getmoredonations handled everything from A-Z and are an amazing team to work with. Highly recommended."
    Mohammed Bahe
    Founder of Muslims Giving Back and Freedom Bakeries
  • “Without Getmoredonations, we would have shut our doors down for our mosque for good. 

    For 12 years, we have struggled in paying off our debt for our local mosque. Now add the pandemic from last year on top of all of the financial stress, and we were right on the verge of shutting our dooors down for good. 

    Getmoredonations came in and not only saved our organization, but we were able to pay off over $100,000 in goodly loans AND help our local community with programs we couldnt have even imagined of. 

    Words cannot describe how grateful we are working with Getmoredonations. Highly recommended.”
    Imam Abuanas Brevard
    Imam, Masjid of Merritt Island Florida
  • “The team at Getmoredonations has been an absolute pleasure to work with. During the peak of the pandemic, we were in desperate need of funds for our organization. 

    Getmoredonations not only helped us grow from complete scratch, but we have raised multiple millions of dollars in a short time which we thought was an impossible task.”
    Abdul Hakim
    Northside Islamic Center of San Antonio

See What GetMoreDonations Can Do For You

In order to keep our client’s experience at the highest levels possible, Get More Donations is invite-only. We only work with organizations of a certain size and with certain mission objectives.

With Get More Donations You Will Be Able To :

Raise more donations at scale
Get passive, monthly recurring donations to your cause
Receive state of the art fundraising technology that major organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children rely on to increase their donations
Receive world class support from our team of fundraising experts
If you need additional info or you are ready to fund your organization, please book a call with us below and we will see if we're a good fit for your organization.
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