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GetMoreDonations is an agency that uses the most competitive strategies on earth to dramatically improve donations for your cause...if we don’t raise money for you, it’s free.

How Does It Work?

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We get to know your cause.
We create effective video ads just for you.
The videos are sent to our massive pool of donors.
We take care of the campaign details and optimization.
Donations are sent straight to your bank account.
It really is as simple as that.


If we cannot raise you donations, you do not pay a single dime.
We can make this offer because we have faith in our abilities. Our team is comprised of talented individuals who have worked with organizations such as:
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Helping Hand For Relief and Development
The National Parks Foundation
Muslims Giving Back
Many more..

Real data from real clients

Started with nothing, and made millions in just a year!

How will you spend your additional funds?

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On the call we will show you:
Exactly how GetMoreDonations works
Prove the results
Show you exactly how you can get a ton of donations in
AND be ready to open the flood gates in just a few hours.

Again...We GUARANTEE that you will get donations!

"Before we worked with GetMoreDonations, we were barely struggling to raise donations locally.
We had to pause our projects due to lack of funds. But all that changed once we started to work with GetMoreDonations. We went from nothing in the bank to over 7 figures cash in less than a year.

GetMoreDonations handled everything from A-Z and are an amazing team to work with. Highly recommended."
Mohammed Bahe
Founder of Muslims Giving Back and Freedom Bakeries
“Without GetMoreDonations, we would have shut our doors down for our mosque for good.

For 12 years, we have struggled in paying off our debt for our local mosque. Now add the pandemic from last year on top of all of the financial stress, and we were right on the verge of shutting our doors down for good.

GetMoreDonations came in and not only saved our organization, but we were able to pay off over $100,000 in goodly loans AND help our local community with programs we couldnt have even imagined of.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are working with GetMoreDonations. Highly recommended.”
Imam Abuanas
Masjid Al Furqan 
The team at GetMoreDonations has been an absolute pleasure to work with. During the peak of the pandemic, we were in desperate need of funds for our organization.

GetMoreDonations not only helped us grow from complete scratch, but we have raised multiple millions of dollars in a short time which we thought was an impossible task.”
Abdul Hakim
Northside Islamic Center of San Antonio
Address: 222 Yamato Rd #132, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA
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